The Third Study Meeting
09:30 Opening Remarks
09:45 Annual Meeting
10:15 Study Reports
1. Ms. Rihoko Inoue (Keio University Graduate school of Media and Governance)
The Necessity of a Guideline concerning the Use of Copyrighted Works of Others in a University Distance Education

2. Ms. Kazuko Ohmura (Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy)
Legal Problems between Consumers and Auctioneers in the Internet Auctions

3. Mr. Hidetomo Sasaki (Meiji University)
Electronic Access to the Federal Governmental Information and Privacy Exemptions in the U.S..

4. Mr. Nobuhiko Sugiura (Financial Research and Training Center,Communications and Policy Department, Financial Services Agency, Japanese Government)
Electronic Money : Its Future and Legal Basis

5. Mr. Yakashi Nagatsuka (G-Search Limited)
Sketch of the New Database Right

6. Ms. Akiko Fujimura (NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories) et al.
A Study of Legal System and Technical Solution for RFID Privacy Protection

7. Mr. Harumichi Yuasa (Keio University)
Recent Trend in Attitudinal and Statistical Methods of Case Study

12:15 Lunch Break
13:30 Guest Speech
Ms. Mollie Nichols (William & Mary School of Law, the U.S.)
14:15 Guest Speech 2
Mr. Alex Allan (former e-Envoy to the British Government)
RFID and Privacy Issues

15:15 Session 1; Cyber Court
Chair : Prof. Makoto Ibusuki (Director)
Panel : Mr. Takafumi Hayano (Attorney)
Mr. Toshibumi Goda (Fujitsu Research Institute)
Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu (Toin University of Yokohama)

Session 2; Ubiquitous Environment and Privacy Issue
Chair : Mr. Hisamichi Okamura (Director)
Panel : Mr. Ryoichi Sasaki (Tokyo Electronic University)
Mr. Yoshihiro Sato (HP Japan)
Ms. Toshiko Sawada (ECOM)
Mr. Fumio Simpo (Tsukuba University)
Mr. Yoshiyuki Hashiba (Sophia University)

17:30 Closing Remarks
18:00 Reception Party